In the cyber world, the current state of the practice regarding the technical ability to track and trace Internet-based attacks is primitive at best. Sophisticated attacks can be almost impossible to trace to their true source using current practices. The anonymity enjoyed by today’s cyber-attackers poses a grave threat to the global information society, the progress of an information-based international economy, and the advancement of global collaboration and cooperation in all areas of human endeavor.

Through this seminar, we would like to invite to the people who has interest on this. A paper are open for submit with the information below:

Submission Deadline
Batch 1: August 31st 2019
Batch 2: September 25th 2019
Batch 3: October 15th 2019

Link Submission

Template Paper

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
digital forensics, digital evidence, steganography, watermarking, computer security, Identity Theft, Information Warfare, malware, Network Access Control and Intrusion Detection, Electronic security, information security systems, systems and network security, Open source intelligence, criminal data mining/network analysis/intelligence, Vulnerability research, ethical hacking, zero day attack, attack pattern recognition.